The Good, The Bold & The Beautiful.

What we do


Brazen Automotive Studios is where our Wrapping and Bodyworks team shine. Check out our range of services from Tints to Full Body wraps.

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Brazen Automotive Lifestyle brings a whole new perspective to Vinyl. Custom wrap your wheels, gadgets, furniture, tech and much more.

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Expertly crafted aircraft branding that aligns with your corporate event or theme in partnership with Charter A Helicopters.

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We love what we do and do it with love.

We see good everyday. Good cars, good enough cars or at the very least good to spec cars. However, ever so often we turn our heads to see those of us who have taken that transformative step in changing that good into a bold and beautiful statement.

From Vinyl wraps in 1000's of unique colours and patterns, commercially printed wraps to vinyl inspired lifestyle and outdoor branding, the team at Brazen Automotive are here to assist you in that transformation.

A Few Testimonials

Marvin Peters

"Brilliant experience with the guys. Five stars"

Scott Edwards

"From phone call to finish, absolutely stress free. Cool finish too."

Susan Jessop

"Wrapped my mini cooper in a delightful neon green. loving it."

Donnie Stewart

" Audi looks awesome, dent free as promised."

Darnel Wesley

"Booking was a breeze, had my car back in a week. Zero fuss."

Alisha Thompson

"The hardest bit is settling on a colour. So many great choices to pick from."

Brazen is Where The Art Lives.
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